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However Fire up the Unity control center (yes, I use Unity. Screen. Since the user interface elements increase in size by 200%, depending on the size and resolution of your display, you may need to adjust the layout of existing workspaces. 0 but I'm still unable to change my resolution from 1024x768. - The display in fullscreen mode is limited to the resolution used by Windows, not the device resolution. Check the box labeled "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings". Note: This option only appears when the Resolution Scaling Mode is  Hello every one, I am using fixed DPI resolustion of about 250 in the saving mode using lower frame rates, lower texture resolution and a  anisotropicFiltering, Global anisotropic filtering mode. Do the following. Summary of findings:, Workstation 11. 9 (Mavericks) or newer in a Virtual Machine, you may have noticed that you can no longer set a custom display resolution beyond the default 1024x768 in either VMware Fusion and On my MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display under OSX Yosemite, the game is highly zoomed in to such an extent that I cant even access the options, let alone play. I searched the forum and can't seem to find anyone having this issue so I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I can check. 2D: Fixed issue with painting the Tilemap in the Scene view when rapidly switching between Editor windows. exe file. [DPI Scaling Fix] Bold, Blurry or Hard to Read Font Problem in Windows 8. If you have a 4K monitor, you can now enjoy High-DPI scaling support on both Linux and Windows in the Editor and support for per-monitor display scale factors on Windows. ) It has NO connection to the damned "gui" systems. exe file in the main folder - Held shift and clicked the exe to open the resolution/gfx launcher - Set the game to window mode - Set the resolution to the highest avaiable in window mode. If you are looking at blurry text Viewboxes is a simple and clean solution, which suits best if you have a fixed aspect ratio and just need to scale your controls according to DPI (and if you don't need scaling the popups/tooltips also). please ignore, if I don't make sense, as I'm just a just user, not developer. ) It does, in a way - scaling the resolution down and setting ChangeScreenResolution to "Y" will force Windows to change its desktop resolution when the game is launched; this will render a smaller area, but stretch it to the size of your display, inherently bumping the size of everything. You can then design your UI for a certain fixed DPI and scale everything based on the ratio between the two. Chosing the optimal resolution for a game from the start of development can reduce headaches with porting later on. This can appear very tiny on my 17" laptop screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Go to the Compatibility tab and under Settings section, check the ‘Disable display scaling on high DPI settings’. . 06/15/2017; 6 minutes to read +8; In this article. Scaling up a lower resolution file will result in a loss of quality. Don’t use Launchpad to do this: Launchpad doesn’t allow you to access the shortcut menu. Regression. Similar to betas, you will be able to influence the development process by submitting bug reports and providing us with feedback. Welcome to Reddit, Here's the lower resolution, 720p screenshot on 5. by Josh Kirschner on September 24, causing my monitor resolution to return to stretch mode. Both at native resolution and latest drivers installed from manufacturer site. This actually fixed it. Unity has a polygon mode which will replace your square sprites with much tighter outlines. You could try to use a resource hacker to force it into the executable, but i doubt it will look ok. With only one scaling factor for all displays you have to make a compromise. Even stranger: some apps that used to scale well are blurry in Windows 10. But I would like to publish my game for every Android device with every resolution. It does not exist. Content-aware scaling works on layers and selections. The pixel density is the number of pixels within a physical area of the screen and is referred to as dpi (dots per inch). In resolution scaling mode, this factor is used to multiply with the target Fixed DPI specified to get the  Jan 21, 2016 At the time of writing the update, we're using Unity 2018. Add support for “Per monitor DPI scaling” on Windows 8. Regarding the "resolution independent" type in Unity. I used 130% and got 1. For example in Chrome only when I set the zoom to 150% sites view normal. 200% scaling solves this issue by doubling the size of the user interface. 1 / 10 - UPDATE: If you are using Windows 10, check out following tutorial first: Let Windows 10 Automatically Fix Blurry Apps Problem Old problem but new operating Mouse acceleration . DPI is based on both the size of the screen and the resolution, so a display will always be a certain fixed DPI if you're using it at its native (i. 1 will introduce a new relevant API, namely per-monitor DPI scaling. You need to stick your face 6 inches from the screen to read the screen for the Kids3 application for example: To solve this (in my case), use: Full Screen Resolution. (Use an ortho camera for it if relevant. 6 brings improved high-DPI support, in the form of better support for the devicePixelRatio scaling mode. e. Using Finder, locate the "Unity of Command" app. when setting resolution for fullscreen mode (when the Never again think about screen resolution when doing text in a game. The maximum, and also the base used for calculating the current resolution, is your desktop resolution. a fixed aspect ratio and just need to scale your controls according to DPI set the Viewbox stretch mode to uniform and set its horizontal and  Sep 28, 2016 It's recommended that you go through Unity's UI tutorials and our video Constant Pixel Size: A fixed screen size, UI elements retain their Screen Match Mode: How to scale the canvas if aspect ratio doesn't fit the reference Resolution. Consider if your design needs refinement at this scale and review the design guidance below to improve your experience on HoloLens and immersive headsets. Resolution. 1 looks sharp, while 5. Microsoft Continues Working on Windows 10 High DPI Issues with Creators Update mixed-mode DPI scaling and some new high-DPI-related APIs to help ease the pain. 5. 2. And I've run in to a few problems along the way. Density independence Maximum Resolution 3840x2160 Video out Supported High DPI scaling Not supported DPI Sync Supported Exclusive Mode Not supported Multiple Monitor Selection Supported Input Device (Keyboard / Mouse) Relative mouse Supports only PCoIP External Mouse Support Supported Local buffer text input box Not supported Keyboard Mapping Supported I've updated to macOS Sierra on VMware Workstation v12. High DPI support / Fractional scaling. But everything is too small with this resolution. 1 Votes. It was/is because LCDs have fixed resolutions. When I use the 16:9 resolution 1360x768 the size problem is fixed, but in this mode the display colours and view are blurry and thick, so it harms the eyes. I've installed the latest VMware Tools "darwin. c); hyperlink  UMG supports automatic scaling for resolution-independent UI. Thank you for helping us maintain CNET's great community. Unfortunately, that isn’t supported out of the box. Living a High-DPI desktop lifestyle can be painful options then going into unity mode. The use cases for those needing scaling fixed may be different, and can be incrementally fixed with another patch and bug report. 25 is for 125%. Right-click the problematic app’s icon and select Properties. on the Oculus Go. Reboot, or log out/in between the changes. "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" or "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings") Not all apps might be displaying blurred text in which case you can make a small change to fix it on a per-app basis. I'm using two monitors one 1920x1080 and one 1280x1080. Fixed in Unity 2017. 1. New incremental alpha iterations and features will be An anonymous reader shares an article: Canonical is playing host to a 'fractional scaling hackfest' in its Taipei offices this week. highest) resolution. I'm used to it. 10 (among other things – which has led many people to seek out new distributions). There is no need to do the cumbersome right click, properties, settings, etc to find out your screen resolution. A global scaling solution for JavaFX should probably this into account and likewise maintain distinct DPI scaling for each screen, if supported by the OS. This is different from the resolution, which is the total number of pixels on a screen. Overriding DPI mode of the game executable to the “System” value allows in windowed mode in Windows 10 at integer OS-level zoom, to Heads Up – Workaround for changing Mac OS X VM display resolution in vSphere & Fusion 10/22/2015 by William Lam 50 Comments For customers who are running Mac OS X 10. It is actually affects the standart unity splashscreen, so it's not canvas thing (unless unity's splashscreen runs on canvas, which I doubt) Also, The deafult DPI in X is 96 Dots per inch. – user576053 Jul 13 '16 at 22:03 How to fix display scaling issues without signing out of Windows 10 Windows 10 adds a new settings in a new effort to fix scaling problems that cause blurry apps in certain scenarios, and here's how you can use these settings. How to Fix NVIDIA Resolution Problems in Windows 10. So with our 144 PPU that means we'd want to show 10 game Today, many PCs ship with very high resolution displays even if the PC form factor is smaller for example, an Ultrabook or a tablet. 04 at 2560x1700 resolution and Unity has been unusable since it launched on linux. In the "Compatibility" tab, check the option to "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" [MAC] "Unity of Command" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. 6 comes with a new GUI, when I change de resolution on Unity the UI Button scales perfectly but when I test on the Nexus 7 device the Button looks too small. The new Unity 4. Distance of the cursor on the screen is highly dependent on the speed which mouse is moved. High-DPI monitor support. High DPI displays was a niche, with CRTs you could satisfy that niche without sacrificing the mainstream audience since you didn't have to force people to run any specific resolution. Resolution and mouse cursor problems (display scaling) [fixed] In fullscreen mode the cursor is not at the same place as the actual mouse pointer. I didn't even need to tweak the manifest or anything. The high-resolution pixels are fixed in the center of the eye texture. . ) but not fractional scaling. If the mode doesn't yet exist, you'll need to create it first by specifying a modeline: $ xrandr --newmode <Mode``Line> You may create a modeline using the gtf or cvt utility. Physical Pixels At the beginning, coordinates of all drawings are specified in Points are abstract units, they only make sense in this mathematical coordinate I have a high DPI monitor next to a low DPI monitor and want to set the scaling of the high DPI monitor to 200%. Icons, Unity, file system, browsers etc. As a workaround, manually uncheck the "Low Resolution Aspect Ratios" checkbox to fix the issue. I "upgraded" from Windows 7. Default Sprite DPI: DPI setting for sprite with Pixels Per Unit setting  shows that the most common primary display resolution is 1920×1080, so a sensible approach is to develop a game for this resolution, then handle scaling for  May 10, 2019 When this is set, the LibreOffice HiDPI mode kicks in. A first round of fixes was released in 4. OSX: Fixed GPU selector always being disabled. An exaggeration of two device that are the same size but have different pixel densities. In this blog we’ll look at how to configure and enable it, from the perspective of a Qt application user and a Qt application developer. Use the “fix-dpi-windows-vm_pureinfotech-enable. SetResolution works incorrectly when DPI scaling is set to anything else than 100% in windowed mode. Content-aware scaling doesn’t work on adjustment layers, layer masks, individual channels, Smart Objects, 3D layers, Video layers, multiple layers simultaneously, or layer groups. g. Disable DPI virtualization, Lower the overall Windows DPI setting. How can I do it, to tell Unity to scale my game up to the device's resolution? Is it possible to do? Thanks in advance! Back on topic. You can also play with the Resolution Scaling Fixed DPI Factor, . 1 and later using a “Use system DPI” preference and the Use System DPI, DPI and Virtual Pixel Mode Fonts appear blurred? Text appear blurry, fuzzy? Fix Blurry Fonts problem or Blurred text issue in Windows 10/8/7. For scaling with the “Borderless” mode: the game must be running in the DPI-scaling mode — Windows built-in mode for scaling old applications not intended for using with high-pixel-density displays; Automatic scaling in Windows Forms. How to Change the Screen Resolution on a PC. Usually, when you install graphics driver or video driver, Windows displays all the supported resolutions under screen resolution settings. DPI if you were running in However, the Unity camera is 1280x720. 2D: Fixed issue where Unity would crash on MonoStringNew when entering Play Mode after a project was reopened with resources loaded. Automatic scaling enables a form and its controls, designed on one machine with a certain display resolution or system font, to be displayed appropriately on another machine with a different display resolution or system font. The laptop I installed Ubuntu on is a 15” screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 which needs a scaling of 1. At such resolutions, Windows automatically turns on DPI scaling so everything on your screen becomes larger. ) In the Displays settings, at the bottom left is an option for “Scale for menu and title bars”. 3, and more have gone into splash screen is too small (possible Hard Hack, see splashx. While it’s always a good idea to choose between one of the offered and supported resolution, at times, you might want to set custom display resolution on your Windows 7, Windows 8/8. So a direct fix for current jre 8 users of GLFW via LWJGL 3 is using packr to build a native exec. “UI Scale Mode” to “ Scale with Screen Size“; “Reference resolution” (mine is 1920×1080); “Screen Match Its anchors are fixed on the right border of the screen. To fix this issue, you can switch to Multi-touch mode. I really loved using this editor when I was on Windows and now that I'm fully moved over to Linux it's sad to have to delay working with Unity until this is fixed. Heres a screenshot I cannot seem to get the correct screen resolution after downloading Windows 10. That probably means that internally it's not prepared for this. If you are using reduced resolution on your high-res device to accomodate legacy programs which do not scale, you ar If you want true DPI awareness, you need to be able to fetch the actual physical dimensions of the screen and calculate DPI from the current resolution. 6 looks smooth. You find the setting as a check-box in: "Screen Resolution"/"Make text and other items larger or smaller"/"Custom sizing options"/"Use Windows XP scaling" Also note that Windows 8. 875849. 10 the best option might be not to try to change the dpi setting for the X server but instead use the unity-tweak-tool to change the default fonts used by Unity and the default font scaling factor. No. There are default DPI scaling rules applied to every project which configured as you see fit from  Jan 8, 2017 It has a very nice screen, and much higher DPI than I'm used to. Windows Mixed Reality does not support 2D live tiles. I had the same problem, and i fixed it by toggling "Use Windows XP scaling" on and off a couple of times. 1 As you can see, the 2017. For example, if you want to add a mode with resolution 800x600 at 60 Hz, you can enter the following command: (The output is shown following. any of the many programs that have fixed, tiny font sizes (I'm looking at . In the link below I created two . The base rule is that the wrapper always calculates the maximum available resolution for the given scaling mode, but Shipping the LibreOffice HiDPI Patches, or How I Learned to Love Heartbleed he submitted an improvement that will not cause this new mode to kick in until at least 168 DPI. Thank you again. Before the image can be displayed, it must be downsampled (resized) to lower pixel resolution. Alphas offer you even earlier access to new features and improvements of upcoming major releases than betas. There must be a fix for this. exe) is formally not DPI-aware, but its DPI mode may be automatically switched to the “Application” value by Windows when using in-game 4K resolution together with windowed mode. I can't scale back to smaller fonts, I can't read, I NEED DPI scaling @ 150%. My screen is meant to have a 1600x900 resolution and this is not an option in Windows 10. (1077694, 1084075) The above fix stretch + disable dpi scaling only works on full screen. This bug does not manifest when setting resolution for Changing the LXDE screen resolution is easy, but at first its not permanent. The reason for why high DPI was a niche was because of one thing, and one thing only: software. In Windows 8, Microsoft introduced display scaling functionality that it first showed off in 2003, allowing users to scale the Windows UI so that it displayed properly on high-DPI displays. This was It fixes the address bar in Chrome, and the icon labels in Nautilus. Here This works at the camera level, basically making the game render to a fixed resolution no matter the aspect ratio, actual screen resolution or screen size. The game executable (acs. exe to not do dpi scaling. It appears that in Ubuntu 13. setting the anchors directly on the corners usually fixes the problem. The base rule is that the wrapper always calculates the maximum available resolution for the given scaling mode, but In this case the image must be supplied high-resolution - at a minimum of 300 DPI (dots per square inch), actual size. inf files. The Unity exe is not marked as "DPI aware" in its resource file, therefore it runs in some kind of emulation mode where Windows scales everything up. Can some MS people help? If the game still doesn't start, repeat this, but additionally change other compatibility settings (e. Sony's got a few 170+DPI laptops on the market, as do ASUS, and there are a number of WQHD and 1080p 11-13" screens (180-220dpi) being released next week, together with Windows 8 (an OS that is made to be much more resolution independent, with better DPI scaling (like OSX), than previous iterations). I built a gradle plugin for packr and it fixed the dpi scaling issue just as well as setting java. So, I'm porting a game to the Android for the first time in Unity3D. Setting a permanent resolution seems quite straightforward in Ubuntu, sometimes! You may have had a few problems setting the resolution in Ubuntu 11. reg” to turn on the setting and use the “fix-dpi-windows-vm_pureinfotech-disabled. (1094058) Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) allows custom resolutions to be defined for both AMD/ATI and NVIDIA GPUs by creating EDID overrides directly in the registry without dealing with . Scaling and sizing between bootcamp, vmware and unity mode all behave different. Reporting: widescreen monitor-adjust stretching of image This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. Sound is working fine. In this Quick Tip, I'll help you choose the best screen resolution for your game. In resolution scaling mode, this factor is used to multiply with the target Fixed DPI void Start() { // Set the target Fixed DPI for this quality setting to be half of the  The Factor is controlled by the Resolution Scaling Fixed DPI Factor on the Quality settings. Both GNOME developers and Ubuntu developers are in attendance, ready to wrestle with the aim: improve GNOME HiDPI support. Relative scale of calculator app with 100% scaling on all displays (close-up) This single scaling factor yields different physical scaling of the UI as you can see in the above photo. The "best" resolution depends on a lot of factors: The platform the game is supposed to be released on first Hello, I've recently acquired a Dell XPS 15 laptop sporting a 3200x1800 display, with an effective resolution of 234 DPI. To be able to click on something i have to aim to the right and down from whatever i want to click. 0 with a guest OS Linux install. This list, like a crate drop falling from the sky at the perfect moment, can be an incredibly valuable resource for our fellow PUBG fans. Or you may have a desktop monitor with 4K resolution. Modern games using anamorphic scaling typically have a 16:9 aspect ratio. I have tried the update driver option, which says my driver is up to date, though its from 2006 so that must be wrong. 目標 了解各種不同 UI Scale Mode Pixels Per Unit 每單位像素 Canvas Scale Factor 縮放因子 Reference Resolution(預設螢幕大小)、Screen Size、Canvas Size 之間的關係與算法 本系列其他文章 Unity UGUI Run Unity with the commandline option -force-opengl or -force-direct3d11 (some have suggested it's an issue with DirectX) Enable the Windows Compatibility option for "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings. Deprecation of support for the . Apr 10, 2018 Learn how to set up UI for all resolutions using Unity3D. Also, on touch-enabled screens, you may have trouble clicking the smaller controls. You can SEE exactly what you're doing and just move it around like any thing else in the scene. – @plumerlis as per the wayland scaling considerations, more of the things are known and planned for later work, but please let’s keep the discussion out from this topic, since we focus on X11 only here. At the time of writing the update, we're using Unity 2018. OSX: Fixed issue where the option "Use Metal Editor" did not display on some versions of Unity. HowTo: Change VMWare Player Guest OS Display Resolution Here is one useful bit for anyone running, or thinking of running, a local test/development environment under VMWare Player version 2. 1-based computer that has a display that features many dots per inch (that is, a high-DPI display), some desktop applications may appear somewhat blurry when you compare them with other applications on the screen. This wikiHow teaches you how to change the size of icons and text on your Windows computer's screen by increasing or decreasing your computer's resolution. This is possible in the Citrix Receiver app and in any HTML5 browser. Figure 2. 25 – 1. If you use Unity on a HighDPI monitor, you know how ugly it can be. My current problem is the resolution doesn't seem to be right, it cuts off the Depending on the game or its settings, such a window may either occupy the entire screen or have a fixed size equal to in-game resolution. OSX: Fixed an issue where Unity would crash if the resolution was set to invalid values via script. NET Scripting backend used by the Universal Windows Platform Dynamic resolution is the synonim of "let the wrapper choose the current resolution for you". EDIT SOLVED: I fixed it shortly after posting this! - Turned off high DPI scaling under the Hand of Fate. This works ok, however when using Unity my external lcd hooked up to my laptop is not 4k, so when I drag windows to the other lcd things are huge. I work on a laptop with Ubuntu 16. change UI Scale Mode in Canvas Scaler to Scale With Screen Size in  When you say that a global layout scale transform didn't work, what do you mean ? it you can find interesting threads about resolution independent techniques. 6 And here's 720p screenshot on 2017. 0. 3. Let’s say that you have a full hd monitor and you set a 1280×720 resolution using the OS settings; when you launch a Unity application set with a default full hd resolution, the application will run inside a maximized window on your 1280×720 screen, no screen resolution change will occur. I've been waiting for this issue to be fixed for a few years now. Implementing   Jan 15, 2014 TIP: You can disable display scaling on high DPI displays on a . 0. This is mostly the case while viewing a model in game-engine based 3D software (Unity, Unreal Engine …). Please note that the lowest Game View scale depends on the scaling settings in Windows. 2D: Fixed issue where Unity would crash during Sprite Atlas Packing. This means that the original file must be at least 300 DPI from the outset. Images can be in RGB, CMYK, Lab, and Grayscale color modes as well as all bit depths. 0 on Windows 8. Pleas don't ask user to change settings for each program, one by one. Scaling is a complicated issue, you can read up on it if you're interested. 1 - Display scaling occurs only in fullscreen mode. Even if I scale the pixel coordinates from the 2048x1152 resolution to the 1280x720 resolution, the tags are still off in world space. They are mostly found in high-end laptops and monitors. Qt 5. Scaling and sizing between bootcamp, vmware and unity mode all behave The device screen may have lower pixel resolution than the image rendered in previous step. Lets say user moves his mouse 5 cm in a 5 seconds - in this case the cursor will travel 200 pixels on the screen. Also, I just wish to point out, while its nice to fix panning and scaling together, it is not necessary. Thanks in advance! This list was created by our own team of PUBG fanatics as a great resource if you want to know which sensitivity, resolution, DPI, scoping sensitivity, or other PUBG settings your favorite pro is on right now. That fixes the The number above represents your screen / monitor resolution (in width and height) This micro web utility helps you to find your monitor/screen resolutions. This looks like a bug in the app which doesn’t honor the integer scaling set as X11 dpi value, so this should be really fixed by them. Not all software behaves well in high-resolution mode yet. The default skin in Steam has fixed-pixel sizing for elements and text, leading to an UI which is almost illegible. However if I set the scaling to 200% in the Gnome settings, nothing happens and when I Performance tips for Unity 2d mobile Jan 21 2016 Update 09/2018: As this is one of my more popular posts, I've updated it with even more tips that I've learned in the meantime. You can use xrandr to set different resolution (must be present in the above list) on some output: $ xrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1920x1080 When multiple refresh rates are present in the list, it may be changed by the --rate option, either at the same time or independently. What I did in the guest vmware settings was to uncheck "Automatically scale" and then in the guest increased dpi to 200%. iso" v8. " Verify screen resolution is not scaled (should be 100%) in Windows Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display. By default, the session would be in Panning mode where all the gestures are applied on the desktop. already have the recommended 125% setting in the Settings > Display. Recent releases of Windows 10 have helped a bit with DPI scaling, but it's still not ideal. This way all pixels should stay in the right place and you almost don’t have to worry about different devices, assuming you want to keep the same “game screen height” in all cases. reg” to turn off the setting. Download Windows 10 high DPI fix for virtual machines Phoronix: Steam UI Finally Has A Scaling Mode For HiDPI Monitors At the same time as adding HiDPI monitor support for Windows 10, Valve has added a "2X-scaling mode" for the Steam client to satisfy modern high resolution monitors What sprite size should I use for 2D game? Pixel XL have a resolution of 2560x1440 in landscape mode. 1 or Windows 10 PC. In resolution scaling mode, this factor is used to multiply with the target Fixed DPI specified to get the actual Fixed DPI to use for this quality setting. 1 per-display DPI scaling turned on things look different: When you use a Windows 8-based or Windows 8. From what I can see the GNOME/Gtk+/X11 world so far works similarly to the Windows desktop in that you can scale up text or DPI, but most everything continues to address device pixels directly no matter how high you crank it up -- leaving icons and other fixed-pixel-size elements tiny on a high-DPI screen. reg files that you can download to change the scaling settings in Windows 10 automatically. Anamorphic refers to when both the vertical and horizontal components of the FOV are fixed, typically to values comfortable on a widescreen picture, and when the resolution changes the picture is letterboxed to maintain the field of view and aspect ratio. Unity: System settings → Displays and using the slider "Scale for menu and title bars", set the value to 2. Mouse acceleration is a different system to enhance mouse movement. Dynamic resolution is the synonim of "let the wrapper choose the current resolution for you". Windows Mixed Reality will run all 2D apps at a fixed resolution and DPI that equates to 853x480 effective pixels. It seems like the Hololens is cropping the photo instead of scaling since nothing can be raycasted outside the 1280x720 resolution. With the new Windows 8. If you have a high-resolution display, you’ve probably noticed that some apps have blurry fonts when scaled up. Windows 10 High DPI Scaling problem I have upgraded to windows 10 and also did a lot of research on the high DPI scaling problem, I have fixed the blurry text in applications by disabling the high dpi scaling but not able to fix this issue in device manager and photo viewer since they don't have an . Gnome only supports full integer scaling (100%, 200%, etc. Click Apply and it should solve the problem. Including, Fixed Foveated Rendering and 72 Hz mode. But HiDPI (High Dots Per Inch) displays, also known by Apple's "Retina Display" marketing name, are screens with a high resolution in a relatively small format. Any idea how to solve t I have a game what I made in 480x320 resolution (I have set it in the build settings) in Unity. unity resolution scaling mode fixed dpi

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